Visit Anna's new website to get the latest info! Right now, she's living in Cambodia, working for a non-profit that runs music and art for disadvantaged young people. She blogs about travel, Cambodia, community development and music.

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Siem Reap: Moments of calm and creativity in Temple Town

At first I wasn't a big fan of Temple Town. But it grew on me...

Read all about my time in Siem Reap, where I discovered an amazing recording studio that's doing a lot for the local music community.

Kampot: the complete giant durian experience

In this episode of the blog, I explore Kampot, home of giant fruit, decrepit colonial charm and some great live music venues.

Home: the Stained Glass Globe

A new blog post about the grammatical nature of home...

It also contains the video for a new song, shot in a Cambodian rice field.


A new chapter

This year, I packed my bags and moved to Cambodia! I've started a new blog to talk about my experiences and share new stuff.

Check out this post about travel, music, community development and the beginnings of life in Cambodia.

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